Alateen  Midlake

See the attached documents below for registering Alateens and minors for the
2021 Midlake Conference & Area 61-WIUPMI Convention.

NEW 8/28/2021
See #6 and #7 below for Meal Plan Request Form & Logo-Wear Order Form

  1. READ FIRST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Click the button to see the required process for registering

    Alateens/minors for participation in closed Alateen sessions during Midlake 2021.
  1. REGISTER for Midlake/Convention
    You may register online (pay by credit card) or by mail (using the color or black & white form).

    If Alateens have already registered for the 2021 Midlake/Convention, you may skip this step.
  1. COMPLETE Participating Minors Information and Permission Form
    All Alateens must be accompanied by either a parent/or guardian, or an AMIAS. Complete and notarize the appropriate ‘Participating Minors Information and Permission Form prior to the event. It must be presented at the Alateen Registration table before taking part in any closed Alateen meetings.
  1. READ Who Will Area 61-WIUPMI Recognize as an AMIAS?
    Read for detailed AMIAS requirements.
  1. READ Rules for Participating Minors at Area/District Events
    Read for safety rules that participating minors must follow
    at Area and District events.
  1. OPTIONAL Meal Plan Request Form
    Register for the Midlake Conference Meal Plan
    Deadline to submit your meal request is October 7, 2021
  1. OPTIONAL Logo-Wear Order Form
    Order 2021 Midlake Conference Logo T-shirts or Hoodies.
    Deadline to submit your order is October 7, 2021

For any further questions or additional information, please contact the
WIUPMI-Area 61 Alateen Coordinator at